May 10, - The Tubolito Tubo is an Austrian-made thermoplastic-elastomer tube which the company founders say is 65% lighter and smaller than a.

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Unlike latex tubes which can be awkward to wiggle into position, Tubos make for a quick insertion. If they have one major advantage, it is their compact size and low weight.


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Available in North America in the coming months, the Tubolito lineup will include standard and plus-size tubes in , Schwalbe and Eclipse both launched hyper-light tubes in recent years, but they were almost too delicate and heat-sensitive to be of any practical use.


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Installing the tube is more or less the same as with a conventional tube, however a few differences due to the new material and production process remain. For the sake of context, I might be able to discern the difference between a tubeless and a tubed tire, but just barely.

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If you think about it, the Tubolitos are actually lighter than tubeless solutions. When rolled tightly as a spare, a Tubo virtually vanishes in a seat bag or pack and sheds a quarter pound from your pack.


Joined with a small welded band rather than a full-length seam, Lembacher said the small joint improves durability by reducing potential failure points. I would say it holds pressure as well as a sealed tubeless tire, or a tire fitted with a standard thickness butyl inner. After, inflate to the desired pressure and you are ready to go.

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Christophe Noel has dedicated his life to exploring as much of the world as he can and by any means possible. After, inflate to the desired pressure and you are ready to go. Of course, a Tubolito tube can theoretically still suffer a puncture, but it sure saves you from messing with the nasty sealant.

Jul 12, - Instead of rubber, Tubolito use a high-tech thermoplastic elastomer to manufacture their inner tubes. The Tubolito inner tubes are an orange. Jan 16, - It is the first major reboot of the bicycle tube in over a century. Lighter, stronger, and faster, was the Austrian-made Tubolito Tubo worth the wait? Robustness - Tubolito is combining a high-tech material with a newly developed patented production technology. This gives us a unique, high quality product.

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The spare-use-only Tubo-S has a removable valve stem for compact storage and weighs a feathery 45 grams. The tough membrane also resists abrasion allowing it to survive a rough and tumble life in my hydration pack as it bounces around with tools and supplies. The incompatibility with sealants is the most noteworthy drawback.


Available now throughout much of Europe, Tubolito is hopeful they will have their full range of road and mountain bike tubes on sale in North America in the coming months. Schwalbe and Eclipse both launched hyper-light tubes in recent years, but they were almost too delicate and heat-sensitive to be of any practical use. On the trail I felt no alteration to the ride quality over my tubeless setup.



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  1. Fausar says:

    Plus, a Tubo survives banging around next to bike tools in a hydration pack well. And cost is another consideration.

  2. Kazrarr says:

    No worries, as soon as you mount it inside the tyre, it moulds itself perfectly well. But Tubos are two times more durable than traditional tubes.

  3. JoJojar says:

    Their offering includes multiple sizes across two weights of tubes.

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