The Tea Culture of Taiwan. Tea trees are native to Taiwan, and tea was likely used by the aboriginal inhabitants as a medicinal plant. A developed tea culture, however, was introduced to Taiwan by the earliest waves of Chinese immigrants from Fujian province.

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Tea culture in taiwan

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Next the tea is first emptied into the tea pitcher cha hai before being served to the guests. There are several strains of Oolong, Oriental Beauty and a variety of traditional tea snacks including several types of dried fruit including one made specifically of pineapple core. If you want to experience Taiwan's tea culture with an expert guide, try this Taipei tea tour to Taiwan's largest tea museum and a tea plantation with phenemenal views in New Taipei City, this night tour to Maokong tea area in Taipei City. The Best Taiwan Tea 4.

Tea culture in taiwan


She invites the group into the traditional tea shop, Fungcha Tea Store. The Taipei Tea House is quite new and as far as I know isn't in any travel guidebooks yet, so you are unlikely to see any other foreign visitors there.

Tea culture in taiwan

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Now it is an indivisible part of our daily lives. A good place to go if you just want a single cup of tea is the little teashop on the outer wall of the museum near the entrance. The magazine is extremely information and I would highly recommend it for tea and meditation lovers who want to take their love of a tea to a higher level.

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It is believed that by roasting or pan-firing the leaves immediately after harvesting, they retain much of their natural flavor. After sampling both teas, one thing I immediately notice is the floral flavors linger in my throat. The best of them offer a variety of teas, good food and great views over the nearby tea fields. In , it was bought by the Dunhuang art gallery and opened as a tea house.

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Many classical artistic practices are linked to the tea ceremony such as calligraphy, flower arts, and incense arts which form part of a greater tea culture. The picture-perfect terraced tea fields rolling down to the turquoise waters of the reservoir with mountains rising straight out of the reservoir form a commanding backdrop.

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Latest posts by Jessica Festa see all. View of the Maokong Gondola cable car above a hilly and lush landscape in Taipei, Taiwan. Only two hundred years ago, Taiwanese people took tea trees from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian province to Taiwan and planted them in the North of Taiwan. It has a creamy mouthfeel that seems to coat the mouth, and a sweet, long-lasting aftertaste.

Jun 8, - Like many Asian cultures, tea plays a large role in the culture of Taiwan. In Dallas, we're thankful for their contributions, including Bubble Tea which began there. Tea houses, also known as tea-arts shops are located in every major city and town all over Taiwan. Oolong style teas are the most popular in Taiwan. History. The island country's tea arts are Chinese that have been influenced by western culture. Gongfu tea ceremony is informally referred to as laoren cha, or "old man tea", which originated in China and has flourished in Taiwan. Taiwan Bau Jong tea and Taiwan Oolong tea are indeed famous throughout the world. See here for more specific articles I've written about Taiwan's teas or my guides to traveling in Taiwan. If you want to experience Taiwan's tea culture with an.

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On weekends the center also leads eco-tours and holds tea-themed activities. I have yet to try it. Because the tea was sitting in the cylinder, the porcelain has retained the scent of the liquid, and Katie instructs us to inhale deeply.

Tea culture in taiwan

How to Order Tea from Taiwan 5. It is good etiquette to drink the tea in three sips.

Tea culture in taiwan

Tea culture in taiwan

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    Latest posts by Jessica Festa see all. There is a collection of shops and food stalls near the Maokong gondola station at the top, but for me, the main reason I go up there is for hiking.

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    The traditional Chinese garden features rockeries and pavilions. Where to buy tea in Taiwan 6.

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    It is known as cha-yi, or tea art, and focuses on savoring the flavors and fragrances of the tea, appreciating the beauty of the process and relishing in the memories brought forward as the tea interacts with the senses.

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    This altitude from which the leaves are picked are what give them their high quality. From there, she warms the white porcelain cups with hot water before daintily pouring the liquid out onto the table to form a crystalline puddle.

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