Sep 25, - According to new research, random acts of kindness like this can benefit your health in multiple ways — and yes, I mean they can benefit the.

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Random acts of kindness research

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We as co-workers -- nay, citizens -- get to extend hands and open our hearts to participate in wonderfully arbitrary acts of kindness all week long. For example, studies suggest that people who spend money on others become happier and actually reduce their blood pressure.

Random acts of kindness research

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He also suggests that observing kindness is a way of noticing the good around us—rather than seeing a world full of stress and bad news—which could boost our mood. The study was conducted by Oxford scientists in conjunction with what has to be one of the world's sweetest nonprofits -- Kindness. Put money in an expired parking meter.

Random acts of kindness research


Share this article with your friends. And don't forget the ultimate act of kindness: Compliment your boss for something you admire but have never expressed.

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The Random Acts of Kindness RAK Foundation assures me that doing simple acts , including smiling at strangers and leaving quarters behind at the Laundromat, can be done throughout the year, and will leave me feeling happy. Turns out the opposite is true! We need to become CAKtivists.

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Further, in The Journal of Happiness Studies, a team of Japanese social scientists report that happy people become happier simply by counting their own acts of kindness toward others for one week, and that they became kinder and more grateful through this subjective counting. Other participants were asked to make an effort to practice self-kindness —for example, by meditating, going on a walk, or dancing to a favorite song. Post a genuine compliment to three people on social media.

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According to a survey question administered before and after the experiment, participants who performed any of these kindness activities became happier compared to the control group. Women have been shown to respond more positively when observing a random act of kindness than do men, suggesting that women may be more attuned to kindnesses.

Feb 25, - Research confirms that people who perform acts of kindness feel positive emotions. In a article titled “Pay it Forward“ in Psychology Today. Sep 7, - Random Acts of Kindness. How to feel happier by doing things for others. Try It Now. Because this study was a real-time kindness experiment. Oct 11, - Scientific research confirms your mom was right -- being kind to others makes you 15 ideas for random acts of kindness to get you started.

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According to Lee Rowland—lead author of the paper, director of research at Kindness. But if we decide to practice more kindness, are all types of kind acts equally rewarding?

Random acts of kindness research

You can also whip up your own ideas using a kindness generator provided by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. So, whether you observed International Random Acts of Kindness Week or not, you can now commit to performing random acts of kindness--together--in well-organized efforts aimed at making social and economic change. It was great advice to get you to stop hitting that one annoying kid in your kindergarten class, but was it actually true?

Random acts of kindness research

Random acts of kindness research

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    We as co-workers -- nay, citizens -- get to extend hands and open our hearts to participate in wonderfully arbitrary acts of kindness all week long.

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    Here's the bottom line in dry, scientific language:

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    Witnessing acts of kindness produces oxytocin, occasionally referred to as the 'love hormone' which aids in lowering blood pressure and improving our overall heart-health.

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