Anyone who has lashed out at a spouse at the end of a long day knows that grown-ups throw tantrums. We call them disagreements. Or justified outrage.

Husband throws tantrums

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Of course, my husband didn't understand how it made everyone including me, who worked in the same office for a time, uncomfortable. The only red flags I noticed throughout this time pre-marriage and immediately after was that occasionally, something would upset him like someone parked in his apartment parking spot by accident and he freaked out; banging on the horn and yelling, until the sheepish car-owner came out of the building, apologized and offered to move his car, and my husband acted all normal then, smiling and saying, "Thanks!

Husband throws tantrums

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You say after flipping his wig he calms down, reflects and apologizes. Another time, we had just purchased our first home, and the sander we had rented didn't seem to work. You can also subscribe to emails with updates about his writing.

Husband throws tantrums

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This may be a difficult conversation. I explain consistently with my clients that people can't necessarily change their personality, but they can certainly change their behaviors. You say, "at his age, he is unlikely to change. Basically, if a couple can get forgiveness right, they can get love right — even if the love is interrupted by times of pride and hurt feelings.

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I've had a couple slip-ups but, over all, made a conscious effort to be extremely chill, whatever happens. He was muttering under his breath, swearing and whispering things in a sort of "tight" voice that suggested barely-contained rage; he'd start pulling at his hair, putting his head in his hands, sighing etc.

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When couples are willing to forgive each other, they can move forward and look each other in the eyes without anger or shame. As for my husband, now he's on his best behavior trying to "win" me back--though the other night, when we were about to make love--he told me that a particular expression I make while we're intimate is upsetting to him--he thinks it means I'm not enjoying myself--he said it was like "nails on a chalkboard" and proceeded to demonstrate mimic whatever this thing is I apparently do, instead of being concerned and asking, 'Is there something I'm doing wrong?


The time to stop evolving, growing, learning and improving oneself is never. Please keep your submissions to words and include a daytime contact number so we can follow up with any queries.

My Husband Throws Temper Tantrums! While every couple's marriage is unique, sometimes people face problems that others can learn from. With this in mind. Aug 17, - Hello everyone, I am a year-old woman, married 5 years. My husband and I are having relationship issues and I don't know where to turn. May 19, - NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People usually associate temper-tantrums with children, but adults are being caught now pitching a fit.

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Get him to promise to try — that's the first step. My client loves her husband but is afraid this trait will never change.

Husband throws tantrums

As the years have gone by, things have improved immensely. We have fun together otherwise and apart from this I do love him. If someone in your house is guilty of adult temper tantrums, you must say "No more.

Husband throws tantrums

Husband throws tantrums

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    You can also subscribe to emails with updates about his writing. Some other things he does when something upsets him:

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    I realize that's normal, but it's also the kind of thing that can harden couples over the years. Ever wonder what all the women do when society says it's not okay for them to turn over a table or scream all over the house?

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