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Generally short, but highly variable depending on local conditions. Varied, but generally should be very responsive. Some primary salinity associated with the estuarine environments. Hydrogeology Aquifer type porosity:


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Varies with landscape and topography. Along the western shore of Port Phillip Bay, primary salinity is a feature of the coastal and estuarine environments of Point Cook and Point Wilson. Local flow systems in Quaternary Sediments Region: River flats, swamps, lakes, lunettes, marshes, valley floors, river terraces, gentle colluvial slopes, tidal lagoons, recent marine lowlands, beach dunes.


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Current dominant land uses: Salinity Groundwater salinity TDS: S2, S3 Salt export:

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Salinity Groundwater salinity TDS: Wash off from surface. Hydrogeology Aquifer type porosity: Variable, in the moderate range.


Ranges from a few metres up to one or two kilometres. S2, S3 Salt export: In general, changes in the water balance resulting from land-use change has increased soil waterlogging, changed regolith hydrology, and increased groundwater recharge and discharge.

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Saline wetlands at Kirk Point, near Avalon, an example of primary salinity as an environmental asset. S2, S3 Salt export: Wash off from surface. Urban and industrial development including City CBD and Docklands , waterways, parkland, horticulture, viticulture, grazing, conservation.

Explosion-Proof Certified Receptacle-Breaker Assemblies: Type - Explosion-Proof Pin and Sleeve w/Breaker; Material - Stainless Steel; Receptacle Amps - 20;. Catalog Number: GFS1; Manufacturer: Eaton Crouse-Hinds Series; Manufacturer's Part Number: GFS1; Description: GFS1 20A Gfci 20 Amp FS Ground Fault. GFS1 Fitness Model. 18 likes. Our attempt to highlight beauty and art in every culture and body type.

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Salinity Groundwater salinity TDS: Very low to low in river and swamps, and moderate to locally steep in colluvial slopes.


A notable exception is the Yarra Delta, which is included in this GFS even though it is composed of sequences of units and has a more complex flow regime than the other Quaternary flow systems. Spatial distribution of recharge:



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    In general, changes in the water balance resulting from land-use change has increased soil waterlogging, changed regolith hydrology, and increased groundwater recharge and discharge. Responsiveness to land management:

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    Secondary salinity occurs in low lying and flat areas, drainage lines, swampy wetlands, and at the foot of colluvial slopes. Some primary salinity associated with the estuarine environments.

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    Current dominant land uses: S2, S3 Salt export:

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