Feb 12, - Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher breaks down people into four temperaments: Explorer, Builder, Director and Negotiator. In Fisher's.

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Builder personality type

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Like Directors, this personality type is not gender-specific; As such, they tend to appear spineless. They are creative and optimistic.

Builder personality type

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They are pragmatic, resilient, and decisive. It is important to note that women as well as men can be dominated by testosterone.

Builder personality type

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As convention loving as a Builder is, he could be titled the Guardian of our tradition. Which of the four temperaments are you? Everyone close to them would define them as highly independent individuals.

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However, Builders can go overboard. And when in a relationship, a Negotiator will try to pick apart all the meanings between them and their partner. Like Explorers, Builders pair best with their own type — other Builders — for romance. Doing this allows them to pick how they would react to something as well as knowing how to proceed.

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Generous, and pleasurable to be around, they tend to be playful, sensual, hedonistic, and amusing. And in a relationship, their desire to connect and dissect all the subtle meanings between two human beings can become invasive and detrimental. Builders are often attracted to other builders. Helen Fisher actually interviewed multiple couples who were builders and negotiators.

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Negotiators also tolerate ambiguity, have strong mental flexibility, are agreeable, trusting, empathetic, and emotionally expressive. Because they often see issues in black and white, they miss out on the humanness that often makes up a lot of social, and personal situations, and may feel like they cannot relate to others. We might not be looking for a mate when starting to work in a new company, but in some way I am sure that a Builder might not be very happy surrounded by Directors and Explorers who are boldly trying new things and pivoting from one day to the other. Although directors and negotiators are supposedly the ideal match, Dr.

Nov 16, - The Builder. Calm, affable, and people oriented, the Builder's personality is influenced by the serotonin system. Social situations are often fun and relaxing for Builders; they like to network. Because duty and loyalty are their strong suits, they often acquire a devoted pack of peers and pals. Feb 4, - (Henry Holt) describes four archetypal human temperaments—the risk-taking “Explorer,” the cautious, traditionalist “Builder,” the competitive. Jan 16, - I found a still unread book on my bookshelf about personality types – a As convention loving as a Builder is, he could be titled the Guardian of.

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Therefore, when making decisions, they are not easily swayed by emotions. This type is highly addicted to whatever it is that brings them pleasure.

Builder personality type

Because after all, people often end up falling in love with those whom they least expect. Negotiators are just really good with people and they have really strong insight into what the other person is thinking or feeling. A Negotiator naturally thinks of all options before making a decision and sometimes, this might work out bad for them.

Builder personality type

Builder personality type

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    Traits associated with estrogen activities also include generosity and trust, the drive to make social attachments, heightened memory for emotional experiences, keen imagination and mental flexibility.

  2. Yozil says:

    But the things you do have control over —please make those moments count.

  3. Kajind says:

    However, negotiators can experience problems in their relationships when they dwell on casual comments and criticisms. It is important to note that women as well as men can be dominated by testosterone.

  4. Dolar says:

    They go over the pros and cons endlessly which might prevent them from having a meaningful relationship.

  5. Vojora says:

    When preoccupied with work or personal goals, they can appear aloof, distant, even cold, and are generally not interested in making social connections, with the exception of those that excite or benefit them.

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