Jun 18, - Anton Bovis, a French archaelogist-physicist, while doing research regarding the pyramids noticed that there appeared to exist an energy.

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Bovis scale

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These last years have shown a shift of the average, neutral energy level from units to units, probably related to the consciousness shift of mother earth. The answer can then be read.

Bovis scale

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On the other hand there is no doubt that "Mr. Scientific research has shown that a positive or life enhancing value on the Bovis Scale relates to an anti-clockwise direction of the spin of atoms, and a clockwise spin atoms and molecules gives a Bovis reading below 6, which is weakening. The origins, and the inventor A.

Bovis scale

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Here you can buy a Bovis Biometer yourself: Figures above 10, are in the "ethereal range" and considered to be places of power Bovis figures according to German dowser Markus Schirner [9] 0 - crossings of two or more disturbing zones; immune dysfunction; arrest of growth - interference zone; detrimental to humans Should the pendulum swing to a point beyond 10, Bovis units, then by extrapolation and returning to the zero base, count 11,, 12, etc. Czech radio-technician and pseudo-scientist Karel Drbal, in his book The Struggle for the Pyramid Patent, [6] , asserts that the inventor of the Bovis scale was Antoine Bovis who allegedly owned a hard-ware store, did private radiesthetic studies and worked on a esoteric pyramid energy.

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Places on Earth should be between 7, to 18, units, the necessary level for the maintenance of life. This scale measured the lifeforce in various items such as food or water.


To measure energy level on the Biometer, you need to concentrate on the place, person, substance or object, you want to measure. Readings above 6, are considered health-promoting while those below this number are harmful. The original scale was graduated from to units. Apparently, and for unknown reasons, the author decided not to reveal his first name.

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In contrast, cancer cells are in a right-turning spin. The movement of the pendulum should be observed until the pendulum swings constantly to one specific point on the scale.

One linear style and one circular style paper laminated Bovis Scale biometers. A Bovis Scale Biometer is a tool used to measure life force energy levels of. Mar 1, - The Bovis scale (Bovis units) is used by radiesthesists (dowsers) and adherents of geomancy to describe the "strength" of an alleged "subtle. The Bovis biometer, also called Bovis Scale, is a tool that measures the life force energy level of any substance, food, medicine, living beings, objects or.

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Besides mismanagement of the environment, readings below 6, are the effect of underground streams, geological faults, and Earth's magnetic grids. A counter clockwise or left spin correlates with a reading above 6, i.

Bovis scale

It is further described by the following: These are so called units of intensity, or vibrational quality. This positive radiation is necessary to the maintenance of life on Earth.

Bovis scale

Bovis scale

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  1. Neramar says:

    But there are no doubts about his birth date, January 12, in Nice France.

  2. Arashira says:

    From the study of physics the measurement of electromagnetic wavelengths is known and the scale is based upon this knowledge. These are so called units of intensity, or vibrational quality.

  3. Zut says:

    The number above for which the clockwise movement is the strongest is your result. He called it a lifeforce scale.

  4. Saramar says:

    The only similarity to Angstrom units is the "base" point of 6, Angstrom which corresponds to an average healthy value.

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